Welcome to the IMAGE Center of Maryland

The IMAGE Center for People with Disabilities is a center dedicated to new thinking about disability. Those of us with disabilities need an environment in which we can experiment and create - finding new ways and new solutions to what have seemed insurmountable problems. Whether it is a blind person learning to pour coffee or a person in a wheelchair trying to reach high cupboards, far too often, solutions go unexplored because we assume they don't exist.

Here at the IMAGE Center we are dedicated to the creation of a learning and thinking environment that challenges concepts of what people with disabilities can do. We see the potential for people to become full contributing partners in their families, on the job and in the community. The more full contributors we empower, the sooner disability is seen as a normal part of life - challenging, manageable, possible.

The Baltimore County Commission on Disabilities Housing work-group Report is an excellent resource of currently available options and recommendations for improvements. To download the Baltimore county housing report as a Word document click here. To open the Baltimore county housing report on-line, click here.

The IMAGE Center is studying successfully employed people with disabilities. Use the links below to read the Literature Review of studies conducted over the past ten years or to see a summary of our study plans.

Click here to read the full report or download a PDF copy. Click here to download the final Disability Unemployment Report (Word document). Click here to download the Literature Review.