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I’m Not a Very Creative Person

By Mike Bullis   The title of this blog may seem like a put-down.  In this day and age when everyone is supposed to be positive and filled with belief in themselves, we’re taught that we can do anything.  Just … Continue reading

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Constraint –Induced Movement Therapy

By Lisa Labre My son Chase has cerebral palsy which for him affects the right side of his body.  His entire right side is weaker than his left side. This has affected his ability to do anything that requires the … Continue reading

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Successful Transition from Nursing Facilities to the Community

By Lori Fitzell New Programs For those of you who haven’t heard, there have been recent changes to the Medicaid Waiver programs in Maryland. Beginning in January of this year, the Living at Home waiver and the Older Adults waivers … Continue reading

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Fashion Tips 2014

By: Imani S. Graham Just because you are disabled or visually impaired does not mean your clothes must be less attractive.  My name is Imani Graham and I am blind. However, I take pride in my clothes and my overall appearance.  … Continue reading

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B and D, Same But Different

By: Kirsten Robb-McGrath Often we hear the phrase “I must be dyslexic today,” when individuals spell words wrong or flip numbers around even if they may not actually have dyslexia.  I am dyslexic, but not just for one day alone … Continue reading

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Managing Expectations for Relationships

By: Meredith Ritchie It is February, the month of love, romance and sexy fun.  For people who are not in relationships, but want to be, February is a month of frustration. Relationships are seen as the solution to lots of … Continue reading

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Housing and Disability

Kathryn Wallace As an Independent Living Specialist, part of my job is to have Information and Referral sessions with consumers. During these sessions, the consumer talks about an issue they are having at the moment, and are seeking some resources … Continue reading

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